Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Prayers and Praises


Okay...so time for a 'semi-update'

I just got back from Thanksgiving break and it was soooo much fun...too short but so much fun. I got to see lots of people, and yes...I even did some shopping.
On Thanksgiving, my Grandma decided to give me my birthday present early which was....the COMPLETE set of Harry Potter (British versions). *bounces around* I'm so excited. The cover art on the books is gorgeous! (Yes, I'm a nerd...and I'm okay with that).

It's back to the 'grindstone' for now. Two and a half weeks and I'm DONE with the semester. It doesn't really seem like it'll get here, but I know God will see me through.
Let's see, update on academics:
I'm doing pretty well in the majority of my classes. I just got my grade up to this point in my Modern and Contemporary Drama class and I've got a 95 average. *grin* I still have a big presentation and a final to go in that class so...can't slack off.
Um, I think I've got either a high B or an A in most of my other classes also, so that's fun. It's been a streeeeessssssful semester, but it's almost done.

This week in the life:
I've got my presentation on Thursday
Also on Th. I'm starting my job as a tutor for two kids, a fifth grader needing help in English and a sixth grader needing help in Math. (yeah yeah...I know, me a math tutor...please save the snickers...)
Um, I have a meeting on Wednesday for another job I'm doing...it's a one weekend acting job which should be pretty fun.
Friday...nothing too exciting
Saturday is my roommate's sister's wedding plus Madrigals! I'll be dressed up the entire day haha.
Sunday...again nothing to exciting.

Classes end next Wednesday and then comes reading days...cleaning day...job(s)...finals...and then HOME! My birthday is also coming up soon...fifteen days to be exact. :-)

Okay, now on to the prayer requests:
1. I'm really tired of school and I need that extra push in order to do well in these last couple weeks.
2. My neck has been hurting for about three weeks now, and I've been to the chiropractor but that didn't help much so...those who know me, know I'm SUCH a worrier about stuff like this, and my mind is racing with different things that could be wrong with me, and that's NO way to live so if you would just please pray that I give all the worry up to God and not dwell on this that'd be awesome. :-)

That's about all I suppose. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!